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calentar 19.01.2022 05:06
Soma Basu

“And Still I Rise..”

A list of writings of influential Black women authors The U.S. Mint has unveiled a new version...

calentar 18.01.2022 05:01
R. Prasad

The revised testing strategy of the ICMR

Why is there a change in testing protocol? How is the spread of Omicron going to be monitored? ...

calentar 18.01.2022 04:52
Prashanth Perumal J.

Good intentions, poor outcomes

How without proper implementation, legal bans on child labour do not work Prashant Bharadwaj, ...

calentar 17.01.2022 04:47
S. Upendran

Keep your cool!

Do not be taken for a ride as you might completely lose it! “My uncle from Nagpur will be spen...

calentar 13.01.2022 05:13
Joan Sony Cherian

What is social constructivism

Understanding one of the key strands in IR theory Social constructivism is a school of thought...

calentar 12.01.2022 05:22
Yuthika Bhargava

The Government bailout of Vodafone Idea

What changes have been approved for Vodafone Idea? How much of a role will the Government play ...

calentar 11.01.2022 05:59
Anusua Mukherjee

Lord of the Dreams

On adapting The Sandman by Neil Gaiman for television These days, extreme fatigue counts as a ...

calentar 10.01.2022 06:27
S. Upendran

Be an entrepreneur of language!

Learning English does not have to be donkey work anymore What is the difference in meaning bet...

calentar 10.01.2022 06:10
John Xavier

Following the trail of crumbs

Cookies are important to websites, but they are a threat to user privacy On January 6, Google ...

calentar 10.01.2022 05:53
Kallol Bhattacherjee

The new microchip infused e-passports

What is the latest agreement between the MEA and TCS about Indian passports? What can be expect...

calentar 05.01.2022 05:20
Nistula Hebbar

Balancing acts

Reappraising the life of four former Prime Ministers of India through biographies The recently...

calentar 04.01.2022 05:37
Prashanth Perumal

Post the prohibition of dowry

How transactional attitudes towards marriage keep the practice of dowry alive Calvi, R., &...